Payment Calculator

Finance Calculator | Sort Your Finances with This Handy Tool

The decision to buy a new or pre-owned Honda model is a big and exciting one, and not something you want to just waltz into sight unseen. Take a little time to explore the convenient payment calculator provided on this page to get a sense of what your financial landscape might look like if you choose to go with the Honda Accord over the Honda Civic, or maybe you want to figure out whether you can afford additional packages-use this calculator to adjust the figures so you can see what payment plans might look like, allowing for a multitude of possibilities.

I See the Sticker Price, but What Will My Payments Look Like?

If that questions feels familiar, this is the tool to use to try to answer it. You can adjust for factors like price, amount of down payment, financing rate, and financing term-each adjustment will show you how that affects your estimated monthly payment. If you're planning on leasing, this won't be of much help, but if financing is your path, this is a great way to plan ahead and know what you're working with before walking through our showroom doors.

Helpful Tips: How Each Factor Affects Monthly Payments

  • Price: At the risk of getting too simple, the price of a vehicle and the amount of monthly payments show a positive correlation: higher price usually means higher payments. Other factors can influence this, of course, but that's the general pattern.
  • Down Payment: Whatever the price is, your down payment can heavily affect the monthly payments. If you make a large down payment (in terms of percent of the total price), your monthly payments will generally be lower than if you had made a smaller down payment.
  • Financing Rate: This refers to the interest rate attached to your financing solution. The actual interest rate you face depends on a lot of factors, including credit history; as a general rule, a lower financing rate will mean lower monthly payments.
  • Financing Term: Your financing term is the length of time over which you'll pay back the auto loan. The longer this term is, in general, the lower your payments would be. This also means you'll be paying off your loan for a longer amount of time, however.

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.