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Learn About Honda Maintenance Minder Codes

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Every Honda motorist wants to keep their car running in peak form, and with your Honda's innovative Maintenance Minder system, you can. Honda automobiles equipped with Maintenance Minder utilize this system to calculate its service needs by its mileage and operating conditions. This onboard technology alerts the driver when it's time for an oil change, tire pressure check, multi-point inspection, transmission fluid replacement and more.

What is the Maintenance Minder & How Does it Work?

Honda developed the Maintenance Minder system as a simple way for motorists to know when their Honda requires routine inspections and maintenance or when they've reached a recommended service interval. Instead of relying on the owner's manual as a way to keep up with a maintenance schedule, the Maintenance Minder is built into your Honda's onboard computer. It tracks your car's auto care needs over time and keeps you informed along the way.

This highly advanced Honda technology monitors engine operating conditions and temperatures, vehicle use, mileage and other factors to determine when service is needed. For example, once your local Honda dealership and service center performs an oil change, your car's Maintenance Minder will then display 100% oil life. The oil life percentage will decrease over time and miles; when it reaches 0% oil life, it's time for another oil and filter change.

Routine auto maintenance is critical, even for dependable and quality-built Hondas! The factory-recommended Maintenance Schedule is based on vehicle model and mileage. Every Honda model has unique service intervals, developed by Honda engineers, that consider various factors, including the vehicle's powertrain, features and specs.

Every Honda with the Maintenance Minder utilizes this advanced onboard computer to monitor the vehicle's operating conditions and performance continuously. The system keeps track of these factors to determine when the vehicle's next service visit is required.

Common Honda maintenance intervals include 7,500; 15,000; 30,000; 45,000; 60,000; 75,000; 90,000 miles and beyond. Preventive service ranging from oil and filter service to tune-ups and inspections help Hondas maintain their legendary reputation for reliability and quality.

What Do the Maintenance Minder Service Codes Mean?

Honda's Maintenance Minder technology can display various codes that tell drivers and Honda service staff what service procedure is needed. The system displays all scheduled maintenance items and includes a Main-Code, often followed by a Sub-Code.

The Main-Code displays 'A' or 'B' that corresponds with the following recommended maintenance.

Maintenance Minder Main-Code A:


Change the engine oil and oil filter. Includes a battery test and multi-point inspection.

Maintenance Minder Main-Code B:


Change the engine oil and oil filter. Perform front and rear brake cleaning and lubrication. Adjust parking brake. Perform in-depth inspection of the brake components.

The Main-Code may be followed by a Sub-Code:


Rotate Tires


Replace the Air Cleaner Element, Check the Drive Belt, Replace the Dust and Pollen Filter


Replace the Transmission Fluid and Transfer Fluid (if equipped)


Replace the Spark Plugs, Replace the Timing Belt (if equipped), Inspect the Water Pump, Inspect Valve Clearance


Replace the Engine Coolant


Replace Rear Differential Fluid (if equipped)


Replace the Brake Fluid

Honda encourages motorists to follow their car's recommended maintenance plan. In addition to alerting you and your Honda service specialists to recommended maintenance, the system also helps minimize wasted natural resources and hazardous materials like oil, fluids, batteries and other components that require proper disposal. Plus, if you only change these items when scheduled, you'll save money and time!

Keep in mind that the Maintenance Minder is not an oil change indicator like some other automakers' systems. Instead, this Honda technology notifies you of comprehensive recommended maintenance. Select the proper service plan based on your Maintenance Minder code, and you and your Honda can enjoy continued reliable transportation, complete warranty coverage, fewer repairs and greater resale value.

How to Reset Your Honda's Maintenance Minder near Columbus, OH

Roush Honda welcomes local drivers to visit our Westerville, OH, auto dealership for complete car maintenance at our onsite Honda service center. The Honda-trained and certified service staff here at Roush Honda can perform all recommended service detailed by the Maintenance Minder, then reset the system to ensure you're notified when it's time for your next auto care visit.

Roush Honda is Westerville, OH's Honda Service Source

Thanks to our Honda and ASE Certified service staff, OEM and genuine Honda parts and expertise in all things Honda automotive, there are many reasons to choose our Honda dealer near Columbus, OH, as your car's go-to service facility. Contact our team and visit us for all of your Honda's Maintenance Minder service requests!

You can book an appointment for your Honda's recommended maintenance online or by phone. Or, just stop by our convenient location for Honda Express Service when you're in the area.